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Reusable Bamboo Cotton Eco Cleansing Pads pack of 12

Reusable Bamboo Cotton Eco Cleansing Pads pack of 12

đŸ§–â€â™€ïž REUSABLE COTTON PADS, PACK OF 12. REUSABLE THREE LAYER MAKEUP REMOVER PADS WITH HEART STORAGE BOX. Gentle enough for everyday use containing no chemicals or additives that may be harmful to sensitive skin, strong enough to be reused repeatedly

đŸ§–â€â™€ïž BAMBOO COTTON PADS REUSABLE – Simply add your favourite cleanser/toner or wet with warm water move in circular motions using both sides of the pad to cleanse face and remove makeup. Kind and gentle to your skin. Comes with washable

đŸ§–â€â™€ïž ECO-FRIENDLY KIND TO THE ENVIRONMENT WASHABLE FACE PADS – not only are reusable bamboo cotton cleansing pads better for the environment because they create less waste, they are substantially more sustainable to manufacture due to bamboo crops requiring less water and farmland

Perfect for skincare lovers, and a wonderful gift.🎁
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