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Lash Lift Consent
Medical Questionnaire

Terms of your treatment

  • This procedure fro lash lifts involves the use of a silcone sheild which is glued to the eyelid, eyelashes will be attached to the sheild. Lifting solution, setting soluation, tint and a nourishing oil will be applied. The procedure will lift the lashes from the root, tinting them darker, result will be the apperance of longer and thicker lashes.

  • Although every precaution will be undertaken to minimise the following from occuring, however please be aware ofthe following risks:

  • If tint or solution solution goes into the eye the eye will be flushed with water and medical attention is required

  • If tint or solution enters the eye it my cause burning, itching, stinging and in extreme causes blindness

  • I understand that over teh course of 3-4 weeks the tint will fade thus resulting in a re-tint every 4 weeeks to ensure the colour is fresh

  • I understand over the period of 4-6 weeks the lashes will start to drop, resulting in a need for a new lash lift

  • I understand that the lash lift result can vary on hair density which may alter the final results

  • I understand dye may go onto the skin which may take a day or so to fade

I have read and understood the information provided, if I have any concerns I will address them prior to the treatment. I give my permission for the therapist to perform a lash lift. I have accurately answered all the questions in the medical questionnaire, I have full discolure if any accidents occur.

I certify that I have read and fully understand the above consent form and that I have requested to have lash lift enhancement of my own free will.

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